Custom Home Builder in Moore Oklahoma.

We specialize in designing and building whole home remodeling projects.

Remodeling and/or Renovations to your entire home is a major project for any investro/homeowner. Maybe you’re trying to fix up that fixer upper you just bought, or maybe your home has become to small for your growing family? Whatever your reasons for a home makeover are The Remodel Group can help you.

For many Atlanta families a whole home remodeling project might be the best way for you to continue living in the area you currently are without having to sell and move.The Remodel Group can make your current home more suitable so that it meets your every need, with all the modern amenities you’d like to have in your home. And for Investors we can make your project Rent and/or Retail Ready with great quality at a reasonable price.

The Remodel Group has years of experience in the home remodeling and construction industry. We can handle all aspects of your whole home renovation project, from the initial planning phases, to pulling all the necessary permits, right down to the final finishing items like trim, paint, flooring, lighting and more.

The age of your home, and the condition of the existing structure along with the zoning in your area will determine exactly what we can do for you and that’s where experts like The Remodel Group become your most valuable asset.

If you’re looking at a whole home renovation/rehab you’re making a significant financial committment and it’s important you take the time to actually meet with a professional who can listen to your plans and provide expert feedback and valuable insight into what you want to do. This will help you end up with the home you’ve really been wanting!

Whole Home Renovations Services Atlanta, Ga

  • Entire Home Makeovers
  • Custom Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Home Additions and Room Additions

The Remodel Group ATL has assembled a team of highly skilled and competent tradesman who take great pride in their finished projects, and the new look they’ve given your home. The insight and attention to detail we can provide you will be one of the reasons you eventually choose us to renovate your entire home.